About Our Lawyers

Our Philosophy

Each lawyer at Turgeon & Associates concentrates in only a few specific areas of personal injury law. The field is simply too large and complex for any lawyer to master more than a few specific areas. This specialized expertise ensures that you have exactly the right lawyer for your case.

Since each case is unique, preparation requires complete knowledge of the relevant law and related court procedures, as well as a good understanding of the medical conditions and treatments involved. We’ve worked this way over many years to earn a solid reputation and thousands satisfied clients.

Meet the Attorneys

Roger Turgeon

Roger Turgeon, winner of a record $5.3 Million wrongful death verdict, focuses on serious personal injury and wrongful death claims on behalf of people injured or killed by the carelessness of others.

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David Bander

David Bander serves as “of counsel” to Turgeon & Associates. He focuses on cases involving Social Security Disability and Medical Products Liability.

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Robert Gabler

Robert Gabler serves as “of counsel” to Turgeon & Associates. He focuses on cases involving Medical Malpractice, Inadequate Security, and hate crimes.

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How We Work

We believe in doing one thing, and doing it very well. That’s why Personal Injury Law is all we do.

Roger Turgeon will speak with you personally to review your case and decide which of our lawyers is the best match for your situation. That lawyer will then take charge of your case and handle it personally, from beginning to end. Your attorney will dedicate himself fully to your case, staying actively involved and accessible from the first interview forward. We answer every question and educate you so that you can feel confident making decisions with our guidance.

We are committed to our clients’ best interests and getting the best results possible. Sometimes (for instance, with very complex  medical malpractice cases) we will partner with other attorneys who have even more focused expertise. If it means a more favorable outcome for our client, we’ll do it.