After an Accident

After a crash, your mind is racing, to say the least. But it’s very important to remember what to do to properly document the incident. You’ll need to record certain information for your lawyer, your insurance company, and law enforcement. These step-by-step instructions will guide you through the process. You can also click here to download our free accident information form and keep it in your glove compartment.

Stop your car at the point of impact, if it’s safe to do so. Otherwise, pull over. Check for injuries.
Call for help if there are injuries.
Take photos of the cars involved and the accident scene (before moving the cars, if possible).


If your car can still be driven, move it to a safe location out of traffic.
Exchange insurance information with the other driver(s) involved. Use this form.

If you are injured, get the medical care you need and tell your doctor about the accident.


Jot down a brief description of what happened.

Report the accident to your insurance company.
If there are any injuries, call your lawyer.


Documenting an incident isn’t just for car crashes. Whether you’ve been hurt in a fall, while using a dangerous product or tool, in a crash with a drunk driver, by a medical error, or at work, proper documentation can be critical to getting the compensation you deserve. We suggest taking pictures and writing down a description of any incident as soon as possible after any incident in which someone is injured.

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