David Bander, Attorney

David Bander serves as “of counsel” to Turgeon & Associates. He focuses on cases involving Social Security Disability and Medical Products Liability, such as latex allergies, silicone breast disease, Fen-Phen, and Norplant. Dave received his Juris Doctor from Suffolk University Law School in 1982 after earning his B.A. at Albany State University. Since 1993, he has operated his own law practice in Boston and Concord, MA. Before that, he served as Senior Attorney and Corporate Secretary for General Electric Company from 1985 to 1992. Dave’s legal team was responsible for supervising all product liability litigation filed against GE anywhere in the country. Dave’s vast experience with complex multi-party litigation is invaluable to clients who have been injured by defective or dangerous products (including chemicals, drugs, and medical devices) and to anyone applying for Social Security Disability benefits.


  • Involved in defending a number of multi-million-dollar lawsuits against GE, and worked with several major national law firms.
  • Served as one of the national coordinators of all asbestos litigation filed against GE.
  • Represented thousands of successful applicants for Social Security Disability.

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